Child Checkups

Children grow rapidly, requiring periodic check-ups to oversee developmental progress and identify any underlying health complications that may be present. Parents may request pediatric check-ups, also known as Well Visits, after a child’s birthday, at the beginning of the school year, or perhaps before joining a new sports team. The goal is for parents and doctors to have an open discussion about a child’s health and work together to find ways of improving wellness.

Did you know…

That child check-ups are about more than just physical health? At our office, we talk with parents about a child’s emotional and social health, too. We also ask questions about academic performance and roles within the home to find clues about a child’s overall development.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I bring my child in for a pediatric check-up?

You can bring your child to the doctor for a check-up as often as you wish, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends doing so at least once per year after age 2. Before age 2, children follow a much more frequent exam schedule, usually coming in every few months.

What should I expect during my child’s check-up?

We want you to feel informed and involved in your child’s health. We will spend the duration of your child’s visit talking with each of you about the importance of wellness and maintaining a healthy body throughout childhood and adolescence. We will weigh your child and conduct a complete physical screening, encouraging you to ask questions along the way.

What will happen after my child’s exam?

If your child is completely healthy, we will not recommend any further treatment or therapy. If, however, your child has physical symptoms, is struggling in school, has difficulty concentrating, or experiencing developmental delays, we may make a recommendation for treatment. We believe the body is a powerful tool for self-healing, and we enjoy helping parents learn ways that they can establish a lifetime of health for their children.