Detoxification Therapies

Our bodies are exposed to toxins every day. There are chemicals everywhere – our foods, beauty products, and even in the environment. In fact, humans today are exposed to more toxins than ever before. Despite the body’s best effort to eliminate these toxins through its very efficient systems, the onslaught of exposure can cause a build-up of toxins in the body’s tissues over time. Detoxification therapies can be used to aid the body in eliminating dangerous toxins before they cause major health problems and even disease.

Each organ in the body plays a specific role in maintaining your overall health. Many organs, including the liver and kidneys, filter wastes from your body on a daily basis. But when the toxins overwhelm the body’s detoxification pathways, they can cause symptoms like moodiness, fatigue, and bloat. It can even lead to ongoing health conditions, such as allergies, joint pain, constipation, acne, and insomnia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could I benefit from detoxification therapy?

If you can’t remember the last time you felt ‘great’, it may be time for a detox. But even if feeling sub-par has become your norm, you could still benefit from detoxification therapy if you:

  • Take prescription or over-the-counter medications
  • Have mercury fillings
  • Eat foods that contain pesticides
  • Use lawn care, cleaning or beauty products that are not organic
  • Exhibit symptoms of toxicity, such as digestive problems or difficulty concentrating

What types of detox therapies are available?

There are detoxification therapies that target nearly every area of the body where toxins accumulate. These include:

  • Lymphatic system
  • Liver
  • Gastrointestinal system
  • Gallbladder
  • Respiratory system
  • Kidneys
  • And More!

What should I expect during detoxification therapy?

Detoxification is a process – not a one-time event. It should be done under the care and supervision of a holistic physician who can identify dangerous toxins and develop a plan for eliminating them. Detox therapies will vary from person to person, but they may include drinking plenty of water, using herbal remedies, making dietary changes, consuming ‘good’ digestive bacteria, and taking daily vitamins and supplements.